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Beechworth week ahead need witty chat

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Beechworth week ahead need witty chat

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There was enough for me. Also there's a letter for you at Lochleven Station. Two items. If that feller don't go to the bottomless for his disagreeableness, there's somethin' radic'ly wrong wirty Providence. I'm a great believer in Providence, myself, Tom; an' what's more, I try to live up to my adj.

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There was enough for me. Also there's a letter for you at Lochleven Station.

Plan b – march ride 2 – taking it easy

Two items. If that feller don't go to the bottomless for his disagreeableness, there's somethin' radic'ly wrong about Providence. I'm a great believer in Providence, myself, Tom; an' what's more, I try to live up to my adj. I'm sure I don't want to see any pore fellow chained up in fire an' brimstone for millions o' millions o' years, an' a worm tormentin' him besides; but I don't see what the adj. Awful to think of it.

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Found the animalI s'pose? Bought him fair. You wigty to give him to me. On our reaching the wagons, it was unanimously resolved that the selection should be patronised.

This being so, there was no hurry—rather the reverse— for the selection was not to be reached till dusk. You will understand that the bullock drivers' choice of accommodation lay between the selection, the ram-paddock, and a perisher on the plain. The selection was four or five miles ahead; the near corner of the ram-paddock about two miles farther still; whilst a perisher on the plain is seldom ahezd to find in a bad season, when the country is stocked for good seasons.

Runnymede home station—Mooney and Montgomery, owners; J. Montgomery, managing partner—was a mile or so beyond the further corner of the ram-paddock, and was the central source aheead danger.

Presently the tea leaves were thrown out of the billies; the tuckerboxes were packed on the pole-fetchels; and the teams got under way. Thompson pressed me to camp with him and Cooper for the night, and I readily consented; thus temporarily eluding a fatality which was in the habit of driving me from any given direction to Runnymede homestead— a fatality which, I trust, I shall have no farther occasion to notice in wek s.

We therefore tied Fancy beside Thompson's horse at the rear of his wagon, and disposed Chwt pack-saddle and load on the top of the wool; the horse, of course, following Fancy according bbeechworth his daily habit. A quarter of a mile of stiff pulling through the sand of the pine-ridge, and the plain opened out again. A short, dark, irregular line, cleanly separated from the horizon by the wavy glassiness of the lower air, indicated the clump of box on the selection, four miles ahead; and this comprised the landscape.

Soon we became aware of two teams coming to meet us; then three aheav behind, emerging from the pine-ridge we had left.

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As the horsemen gradually decreased their distance, the teams met and passed us without salutation; sullenly drawing off the track, in the deference always conceded to wool. Victorian poverty spoke in every detail of the working beechwortb Victorian energy and greed in the unmerciful lo of salt and wire, for the scrub country out back.

The Victorian carrier, formidable by his lack of professional etiquette and his extreme thrift, is neither admired nor caressed by the somewhat select practitioners of Riverina. Then the three horsemen overtook Cooper, pausing a little, after the custom of the country, to gossip with him as they passed. According to another custom of the country, Thompson, Willoughby and I began to criticise them.

That beechwodth has been with him for years, tailing horses and so forth, for his tucker and rags. Mac's no great chop. Collins," replied the whaler.

And pat he comes, like the catastrophe of the old comedy"… "'Day, chaps," said Rufus, as he ed us. I was thinkin' we might manage to knock up some sort o' swap. Now this mare's a Patriarch, she is; and you might n't think it. I won this here saddle with her at a bit of a meetin' las' week, an' rode her my own self—an' that's oc'lar demonster. I tell you, if this here mare had a week spell, you could n't hold her; an' she'd go a hundred mile between sunrise an' sunset, at the same bat. Yes, boss; it's the breed does it.

I seen some good horses about the King, but swelp me Gawd I never seen a patch on this mare; an' you might n't think it to look at her jist now. Fact is, boss, she wants a week or a fortnit spell. Could n't we work up some sort o' swap for that ole black moke o' yours, with the big head?

If I got a trifle o' cash to boot, I would n't mind slingin' in this saddle, an' takin' yours. Now, boss, don't be a adj. But he does me right enough. At a word! I'll go you an even swap for that little weed of a grey mare! At a word, mind! I'm a reckless sort o' person when I take the notion! This here chay got a fortune in her for a man like you. Sure thon poor craytur iv a baste hes n't got the sthrenth fur till kerry it own hide, let alone a great gommeril on it back.

An' thon's furnent ye! Hello, Tamson!

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Alterations since I delivered you that wire at Poondoo. Been in the wars?

A b'lee some o' me ribs is bruk. That cove's a adj. He don't give a dam, s'posin' a feller's soul gits bashed out. Best sight I seen for many a day was seein' him gittin' kicked.

If the mean beggar'd on'y square up with me, I'd let summedy else do his"—— "Thon's a brave wee shilty, sur-thon grey wan o' yours," broke in the contractor, who had been conversing with Thompson, whilst looking enviously at Fancy, hitched behind the wagon. How oul' is she, sur? Ye wutty n't be fur partin' we her, sur? A'm mortial wirty fur till git thon baste. Houl' an"—he pondered a moment, glancing first at the honest-looking hack he was riding, then at the magnificent animal which carried the half-caste.

Gimme a thrifle fur luck, an' take ether wan o' them two. A'll thrust ye till do the leck fur me some time afther. Ye kin luck at his mouth.

Murky waters ahead

A don't ondherstand the marks myself. He was just five.

I regret to record that I shook my head gravely, and observed: "You've had him a long time, Mr. A got him in a swap, as it might be this time yistherday. There's the resate. An' here's the resate the man got when he bought him out ned Hillston poun'. Ye can't go beyant a poun' resate.

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At my suggestion, the half-caste unhitched and tried Fancy, while I mounted the black horse, and turned him across the plain. I tried him at all paces; but never before had I met with anything to equal that elastic step and long, easy, powerful stride. To ride that horse was to feel free, exultant, invincible. His gallop was like Marching Through Georgia, vigorously rendered by a good brass band.

All that has been written of cuat noblest friend— from the dim, uncertain time when some unknown hand, in a leisure moment, dashed off the Thirty-ninth chapter of the Book of Job, to the yesterday when Long Gordon translated into ringing verse the rhythmic clatter of the hoof-beats he loved so well—all might find fulfilment in beechwotrh unvalued beast, now providentially owned by the softest of foreigners.

Mebbe he is, ahezd. Sure A hed n't him long enough fur till fine out.

Sure A cud kerry thon wee shilty ondher may oxther! Ye have a right till be givin' me a thrifle fur luck. A'll let ye aff we two notes. I had pen and ink in my pocket; my note-book supplied paper; and receipts were soon exchanged. Then the saddles were shifted, and we cantered ahead till we reed Thompson. I tied my new acquisition behind the wagon, where, for the first five minutes, he severely tested the inch rope which secured him.

M'Nab," said I, "I'll give you my word that the mare is just what you see. You may as well neeed me what's wrong with the horse? Mebbe he's foun' out some thricks, or somethin'.

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Onna bright. I've swore it. Call her Fancy. A chris'ned him Clayopathra, fur A thought till run him. I have dwelt, perhaps tediously, upon this swap; my excuses are—first, that, having made few such good bargains during the days of my vanity, the memory is a pleasant one; and, second, that the horse will necessarily play a certain part in these memoirs. An' you needn't tail me up enny fardher," he added, turning to Rufus. A man thravellin' his aeek, an' nat a shillin' in his pocket!

A man that sets down to his dinner without askin' another man whether he's got a mouth on him or not!

Polite sort o' person you are! A'll bate ye fifty ahaed A'm betther rairt nor you! Houl' an'! Without replying, the contractor put his horse into a canter, and, accompanied by his esquire, went on his way, pausing only to speak to Mosey for a few minutes as he passed the foremost team.