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Versions: 00 Internet-Draft K. Note that other groups may also distribute working documents as Internet-Drafts.

Internet-Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any time. Abstract This document is an rough draft for a proposed new Internet conferencing protocol called multicast chat MCC which uses Hxy multicast for the internet layer.

Chzt Multicast IP multicast also known as Internet multicast is an Internet delivery mechanism such that a single host can broadcast to a group of hosts who are interested in listening. This differs from the standard point-to-point messaging unicastingthat allows a connection between two hosts and from broadcasting, which to everyone, even those hosts who could care less. A multicast group is a group of hosts who are all listening to the same broadcast.

Each multicast group has a class D IP address which is used when broadcasting to the group. To send to a group a host sends his message to the group's IP address.

To listen to a group a host informs the network that it wishes to receive packets for the group's IP address. A host can and leave any of multicast groups at will.

A client can set up a chat room, which is then used to conference sre a group of people. The CC, which stands for control channel, is used to pass room and client between clients. Once a room is created the client can inform other clients of its existence on the CC, allowing them to then the room.

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Sef and Folders When a room is created a multicast IP address is associated with it How a available multicast IP address is acquired has not yet been figured out. The creator of the room also specifies the following information for the room: Room Path - This is the rooms name and folder path see below. Topic - This is a optional string describing what the topic of the room is. One of the things specified in the creation of a room is the rooms path.

MCC organizes rooms into a nested hierarchy of folders. The rooms path indicates what folder the channel can be found in. The folder path is considered part of the room path and appears as follows. The top folder level is known as the lobby. The lobby hxy only folders, no rooms, which is done to prevent the cluttering up of the lobby. Creating a Room To create a room, the user specifies a room name including the folder path and optionally a topic name for the room.

If the channel in the specified folder already exists, then the create will fail.

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ing a Room To a room, a client must first get the room's IP address. Once a client has the IP address zee can connect to the address and listen into the room. The room itself is incapable of sending the response. That means someone in the room must send seee for the room. That someone is known as the room keeper. The room keeper is the client who has been on the channel the longest. They are CC commands and room commands.

CC commands are sent on the CC address while room commands are sent on the room address.

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The format for both are the same though. Following the host is the command and its parameters.

Both CC and room commands are described in detail in the following sections. The QUIT action ignores all of the other parameters, and they therefore need not be sent.

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A client also has the option of sending other information about itself. It does this by sending a tag describing what the data being sent is followed by the data itself.

A client can send as much information about himself as he chooses. Data tage would be such things as real name, address, e- mail, homeetc If a client does not recognize a CTC command then it should ignore it completely. A client should see nor more then once a minute. If a room name is specified as a parameter then this means the ping is from a room, which the keeper is responsible for, and is used to tell others that the room still exists. OPEN informs the other clients that a client has created a new room.

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CLOSE informs the other clients when a room has closed down. If chaf message is specified the message should tell why you are away then the message is also sent to all other people in the room. If an AWAY message is sent without a message, then that person is no longer away. But there are still some things that need to be worked out.

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In the next version of IP, multicast will be fully supported. There is a program called SDR that keeps a sessions directory which may meet this need. Another question is what to use as a transport protocol. UDP seems obvious but it does not support guaranteed delivery.

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TCP guarantees delivery but does not seem implementable on a broadcast protocol like multicast IP. This entire subject needs to be worked out. Another problem is private rooms. The concept of private rooms has not been addressed in this document but it would probably be a desirable feature.

The answer is probably to encrypt the session and not tell anyone about the channels. The concept of folders is very useful. It allows the breaking down of rooms cnat and allows people to find rooms they are interested in easier. The headache is how to implement folders. The protocol currently has a flaw in respect to folders.

Computers and VCRs can not respond because there is no one person in charge of the folder. Author's Address Kevin J.