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Millions have started travelling for Christmas holidays despite public health recommendations to mfet home amid a post-Thanksgiving spike in COVID cases that's already overwhelmed hospitals. The board is messaegs that many new residents are moving to town, some of whom may not be familiar with credit unions. An attractive, renewed building is part of making the institution a competitive choice, Ms Mason said. Work on the building has been needed for some time because of damage from moisture.

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Millions have started travelling for Christmas holidays despite public health recommendations to stay home amid a post-Thanksgiving spike in COVID cases that's already overwhelmed hospitals. The board is aware that many new residents are moving to town, some of whom may not be familiar with credit unions. An attractive, renewed building is part of making the institution a competitive choice, Ms Mason said.

Work on the building has been needed for some time because of damage from moisture. A big priority for the board was to keep the building open and functioning during the construction. Board member Glen Irwin walked members through the changes at the recent annual meeting. The renovation, based on a de by Allan Avis Architects, re-creates a historical look with parapets and cornice trim.

Eventually there will be a new in a fitting lettering style, and lighting from above, he said. And, very importantly, new flashing will direct the moisture away from the brick. The windows were original from the s. Every window is being replaced. The entrance will now be flush with the rest of the building. The recessed entrance created a cold spot as well as moisture issues. The front step will be eliminated to allow easier access, and there will be an automatic door opener.

The entrance will be re-worked with one wider door for wheelchair access and a glass panel, instead of the current double doors.

The Credit Union is working on its marketing plan as well, and is adding services. Ms Mason said by February they hope to start offering deposits of cheques by phone. Originally, the board was iadho the expense of adding that service might not be worthwhile since fewer cheques were being used. And as well, when they looked at Credit Union clients, many of them are small businesses who still use cheques, the CEO said. The moisture also affected the upstairs space.

It was originally where the manager lived, and more recently had been rented out.

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The upper floor and basement level will be gutted, closed in and made healthy and stable without a lot of further finishing, she said. The construction work by JT Commercial Contractors, Owen Sound is expected to be completed, inside and out, by early spring, she said. It was hard to find an available contractor, Ms Mason commented. Messayes created and sold XRP, the third-biggest cryptocurrency by market value.

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Premier Doug Ford made the lockdown announcement on Monday. It is msssages place until Jan. Mayor Darrin Canniff said the municipality and its economic development department is continuing to do everything it can to help all businesses move to online platforms to make local shopping easy. Municipal-run services will also be feeling the impacts of the closures.

Chatham-Kent is already experiencing reductions in revenues from being in mwet Yellow-Protect as arenas and the casino are running at reduced capacity, Canniff said. The lockdown will further add to the losses. The amount can be carried over to Senior governments are expected to announce more help for businesses in the coming days.

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Canniff said staff is looking into similar measures, but this time for various halls that are impacted by the lack of events happening during the pandemic. The regions with the highest of new infections were Montreal, with ; Monteregie, south of Montreal, with ; and the Capitale-Nationale region, which includes Quebec City, with The province reported 28 more deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus, 10 of which occurred in the 24 hours.

Quebec has a seven-day rolling average of 2, cases per day. Hospitalizations rose by seven, to 1, and the of patients in intensive care went down by nine, to The province is short roughly 7, health-care workers who have taken sick leave, Legault said, adding that the health-care system is fragile. Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade said she and her colleagues chose to put differences aside and send a clear message to the population. Legault was peppered with questions from reporters about Quebecers who have chosen to travel despite government advisories warning against leaving the country.

Legault said he wanted the federal government to ensure that the rules are respected — such as the requirement that travellers isolate for 14 days after they arrive on Canadian soil. Health Minister Christian Dube tweeted that 18 of 21 new vaccination sites that opened this week have received doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Quebec had administered a total of 5, doses as of Monday and authorities said they expected 50, more doses this week and another 29, in two weeks time — enough to vaccinate about 42, Quebecers. The Pfizer vaccine requires two doses to be fully effective.

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This report by The Canadian Press was first published Dec. They are hoping that local donors will respond generously at this time of year. Even through these challenging times and lock-downs, the need for blood remains for so many people of all ages who are receiving treatment.

Pre-booking is required for the Boxing Day clinic to be held in Highpoint school from 9 a. It is a question Rev. Harrison Ayre finds himself asking and being asked often as the COVID pandemic has left nearly two million dead worldwide; 80 million sickened; families torn apart by death, disease and border closures; economies devastated; and an uncertain year looming ahead. As a Catholic priest in Nanaimo, B. Religions have historically seen disease as divine judgment or punishment: the Old Testament contains a story of plagues against Egyptians for refusing to free the Jews, while one Islamic response to the "Black Death" of the 14th century was to call those who lost their lives martyrs for God.

Judgment is not always a bad thing, Ayre said. It's a judgment to bring us back to fall in love with God. Physical distancing restrictions have forced faith groups to entirely close their doors or dramatically restrict access to their sanctuaries. This fall, a coalition of Christian research organizations surveyed 1, churches and ministries and found 80 per cent were offering online services.

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But that doesn't work for all faiths, said Prof. Sabina Magliocco, who le the religion program at the University of British Columbia. For Indigenous faith practice, gathering extended kin for singing, dancing and acts of hospitality has been sharply curtailed by COVID restrictions, she said, and just can't be replicated online. Also, some don't have access falks the technology — often, the same people whose kids have trouble getting online for school: those who live in rural communities with poor internet connectivity and people who can't afford the devices.

The spiritual uplift that comes from attending services in person isn't just about participating in rites and rituals, but also the intangibles, Magliocco said. The energy of attending Friday sermon at mosque, chanting and dancing with extended family, or just the sights falps smells triggered by walking in the door of a house of worship are all elements of connection in their own right.

Then there are theological issues. For observant Jews, using electronics is forbidden on religious days.

Some found workarounds; during the Jewish high holy days in September, congregations began livestreaming from their synagogues before the holidays began and just left the cameras running. For Catholics, the fundamental rites known as the sacraments must be done in person. For a time, Ayre heard confession in a parking lot, where parishioners would drive in and roll their windows down a crack to unburden their souls.

For Muslims, the pandemic has meant a renewed emphasis on certain requirements, like ritual purification before prayer, five times a day, said Imam Mohamed Refaat, the president of the Canadian Council of Imams. While Muslims can and do pray at home, Refaat said the loss of community gatherings and maybbe end of annual trips to the holiest site of Islam, at Mecca in Saudi Arabia, are painful.

For him, the lesson is to value what has been given by God: the ability to talk and travel and do good in the world. When those blessings are taken away, it is a reminder of their worth, he said. Convincing their followers to take it will be the next challenge. Mainstream religious leaders have issued proclamations in support of mete vaccine; the first people to get it in Montreal were residents and staff at a Jewish nursing home where dozens have died.

Opposition by religious leaders to vaccines in the past has been based on a of factors, including what kind of human cells are used in testing and where they are from, and a belief that the divine, and not science, will protect the faithful. Those voices are already challenging this vaccine, and earlier this month, the role religious leaders can play to quiet them was part of a call between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and faith leaders.

But the real source of tension on the call wasn't the coming shot in the arm. It was the shot to the heart religious groups received by being told they didn't qualify as "essential services" during the pandemic, and in turn were mwybe to tighter restrictions than gyms or bars. Refaat said while religious groups, health officials and politicians have been talking for months about the ffalls between protecting people's right to worship and public health, what's missing is an acknowledgment of the central role communal religious life plays.

The process is only just beginning to play out in Canada; arguments in one case involving a Toronto church claiming COVID restrictions violate charter rights are expected sometime in The pandemic has exposed two challenges for the faithful, said Andrew Bennett, the director of the Cardus religious freedom institute and an ordained deacon: What do they need to actually live a religious life? And how much of that requires physically going to church or mosque or synagogue? The answers may determine what Canada's post-pandemic religious landscape looks like, he said.

Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press 23 hours ago Paradise plans for slight arena upgrades Paradise is ing other metro communities striving to make the province more electric-car friendly by adding two new electric charging stations. The town would also need to maintain the property itself by providing snow clearing and asphalt painting.

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Other than the upkeep, maube is no additional cost for the stations, said Quilty. Council ratified the motion, which had been approved unanimously through an e-poll on December 4.

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News 22 hours ago Penetanguishene council pushes for accessible transit solutions Skyrocketing of seniors and mobility issues for residents were the driving force behind council's push for staff to look for accessible transit options. Those were the factors that made Coun. Brian Cummings turn down a staff recommendation sfxt the town to leave accessible transit up to Community Reach North Simcoe, Wheels 4 Wheels and the Red Cross, three non-profits that already operate in the area.

I think we should look at exploring possible cost sharing with Midland or the North Simcoe municipalities. Midland has four vans that I know is costing them a lot of sexy. Debbie Levy backed her colleague. I think we need to odaho further at the options, including a greater financial contribution to Community Reach or partnering with Midland. All of the groups that are providing transportation are bare bones right now because they rely on volunteer drivers who aren't necessarily driving during COVID.

Written by eric charles

I think we need to take the opportunity serve our folks. If we're going into a service delivery review, quite probably something in the meantime is to go into a cost sharing with Midland. I think we can task our director to work with the folks in Midland and put together a report that we could see fairly early in the new year.

In the meantime, we have to go with status quo because that's what we've got.